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Permanent makeup for eyelids, lips, and eyebrows

Almost every woman’s dream is to Wake up in the morning to see in the mirror beautifully designed natural eyebrows, expressive eyes, softly shaded lips, without resorting to cosmetics. Permanent makeup helps to save a lot of time in the morning, which we spend on makeup. The master uses a device and a needle to inject pigment into the skin, the drawing is usually stuffed in the upper layers of the epidermis according to a sketch agreed in advance with the client for a more natural and airy effect.

Depending on the effect that the client wants to get, the master will select the type of needle, hair technique, spraying, dot technique, and pigment color. Modern techniques for applying pigment are quite atraumatic, do not require special medical care, and in the healing process provoke only a slight peeling. After healing, the original brightness of the color goes away, leaving a natural shadow.

The procedure is absolutely painless and takes place under local anesthesia in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards.

After healing, permanent makeup will delight you from six months to 2 years, in the future it will require updating and refreshing.

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