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Manicure with varnish or gel-polish

Uncoated manicure is an easy and fast way to look more well-groomed and feel at your best. This is the perfect solution for those who prefer natural beauty. This procedure takes no more than 30-40 minutes, so an uncoated manicure is perfect for those who are not ready to spend a lot of time and money for visiting the salon.

Service cost: 25-30€

Manicure with a varnish coating is an excellent choice for many women, it involves a short wear from 3 to 7 days, the coating is usually plain, without designs. Among the advantages – it does not create difficulties when creating, it is easily and quickly removed from the nails with nail-polish remover, the ability to change the color for each image in clothing, and in General under the mood. Most modern lacquers have photoinitiators in their composition, the same as in gel lacquers, but unlike gel lacquers, solidification does not occur with the help of a UV lamp, but from natural light. The coating is quite strong and has an excellent gloss.

The undisputed leader among services is a long-term gel-varnish coating. If you follow all the application technologies, the gel-polish coating will provide a stable manicure for 2-3 weeks, without chips and scuffs. This coating gives complete freedom not only in the choice of color, but also the ability to implement all kinds of the most refined and diverse designs, from the classic French coating to all kinds of gradient, stamping and drawing. Coating with gel Polish allows you to solve such problems of the nail plate as growing up nails, align to the ideal all cracks or dents on the nail plate, if any. A chic gloss for a long time will not leave anyone indifferent. If the master follows the technology of applying and removing the coating, the nail plate remains healthy and strong. The three-stage base-color-top system protects the nail from physical damage, if necessary, the master can use additional strengthening with a solid gel or acrylic powder to give even greater strength to the coating.

Service cost: 25-30€

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